FE-Group at MIDO | Milan

Once again this year we will exhibit at MIDO, the eyewear trade fair expected in Milan from 3 to 5 February 2024.

The Group continues its expansion and consolidation.

With the entry into the “chain of excellence” of the brands FISO (Fabbrica italiana strumenti oftalmici), and KERATRON (design and production of corneal topographers), the Group is truly able to cover every need of the optical and ophthalmic sector with the best product and service range.

Our research is, on the one hand, technological, and on the other, focused on providing the best training, support and service to those who choose us as their partner.

On ‘stage’ at MIDO

In recent months, many technological innovations have been proposed by our partners. At MIDO 2024, we have chosen to turn the spotlight on four solutions in particular, which can decisively improve the work of the practitioner in the practice and clinic.

Among the new products offered to the market:

  • Canon Autoref-ker RK-F3m: completely automatic keratometer autorefractometer that allows, with a single instrument, both the objective measurement of the refractive power of the eye (refraction) and the measurement of the radius of corneal curvature (keratometry) and evaluation of accommodation.
  • Canon Xephilio OCT-R1: new Spectral Domain OCT combined with fully automatic fundus camera. Unique in its kind, it can perform widefield scans and take high-resolution colour photos thanks to opacity suppression and intelligent denoise technology.
  • Canon Retinograph CR-10: fully automatic fundus camera with unique EOS camera. Opacity suppression, digital filters for better detection of retinal pathologies.
  • Huvitz Biometer HBM-1: the advanced instrument perfectly integrates optical biometry and corneal topography, offering a complete solution for eye care professionals.

We are waiting for you at Hall 3 Stand C14-C20.

We look forward to seeing you.